Hello everyone. This is my comic strip “Bruno”, which I ran for eleven years, and now am re-running here again for you. Images will be larger (and much cleaner, especially the first year or so), more original artwork will be for sale, and there will be annotations.

The old archive is still available, and the book set is also current available (not sure how many are left).

I will also be using “tags” for all the characters in each strip, so you can more easily follow a specific character’s story or reference them, especially useful since there are literally hundreds of characters.

Bruno’s history?… Back in 1994 I began Bruno for my college newspaper, the Daily Collegian. After a couple years it almost fizzled out, but a friend of mine had a website which needed content, and so in 1996 I restarting the strip from the beginning, re-drawing much of the first half year, and re-lettering even more.

Bruno then ran online from 1996-2007. A hell of a run, but after 11 years, it was time for me to try something new. That “something” was Little Dee, which I am also beginning a re-run of today, so read that too!

And, of course, my current strip Spacetrawler, which runs Monday and Wednesday.