Lol. Did i write this strip?

The F.A.C. (Fine Arts Center), it was built in 1975, and even by the time I was there 1992-1994, the art rooms were poorly insulated and it leaked. Rumor was that it was designed for the desert, but the original purchaser fell through and UMass bought up the designs, but I have NO idea if that’s true.

The point being that it had lots of issues, and lots of stories regarding it (it was modeled after a smashed piano). And so, hearing it was being waterproofed sounded like a dubious endeavor at best.

I did spend a lot of time wandering the halls and tunnels of it though. Fun times. :)

And, possibly of note, right now she’s standing in the middle of it the F.A.C., which used to be open space, but now has been filled in and I believe is an art gallery.