Back when I was attending UMass, a Christian group paid for a many-page full-color “anti-abortion” insert to be included with the school newspaper. I’m pro-choice, and decided to run a counter-opinion week in my strip, and so I researched details, and here it is.

I think the newspaper received so much criticism for running the “anti” insert (they stated flatly that they needed money, and didn’t take sides), that they were happy to print a my comic as a counter-opinion.

Of course I had to start an uncomfortable topic with an uncomfortable aspect of it, that many people feel a man should be part of the choice — and clearly Bruno does not.

This week also cemented in Susan as a good friend of Bruno.

For the sake of my sanity and for the comfort of those with varying views on the subject, I will not be allowing comments on this week and ask you not to try commenting about it elsewhere. I hope you understand and are okay with that.