In my mind, Tom Selleck was the mustache representative of “guy” at the time I wrote this strip, as I was still living in the 80s in my mind, and replaying Magnum PI in my head. Actually, might be good to know, I stopped watching television in the late 80s, and so, my pop cultural references were not much expanded after that.

I used to worry more about a mid-life crisis than I do now. I think that after choosing your path at age 18, and you find yourself at 40, and you remember you might have had dreams, and you try to find them again, and it comes out of your still 18 year old arrested development self, and it ends up looking like a sports car.

I think it’s a fine thing. I think it’s good to explore your dreams. Good to say, what more could I be, could I experience. Just as I think it is good to look at what you have and remember how much you value it.

Anyhow, my life has been a roller-coaster of weirdness. So, the whole concept of a mid-life crisis is a bit turned on its head for me. It probably won’t show up, or shows up repetitively, or will look like a kangaroo or an omelet.